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Tiburon Penninsula, surrounded on three sides by the waters of San Francisco Bay, is home to three yacht clubs. Located on the east side of the peninsula, Tiburon Yacht Club is the only club outside Tiburon's downtown area, in a unique community setting that is rural, residential, informal and water-oriented. Most of the homes near the club have private deep water boat docks with Bay access.

The Tiburon Peninsula has had a colorful history dating back to early Spanish exploration and development, with Paradise Cay playing an important role. Although dredging and construction within Paradise Cay began in April, 1955, the area was originally known as California Point or Ring Point, and was eventually abandoned as a potential U.S. Navy ammunition loading base. The Club had its beginning in 1965 when a group of Yachtsmen and women under the leadership of Harold and Thelma Lind formed Paradise Yacht Club. The organization was renamed the Paradise Harbor Yacht Club and incorporated in 1967. The date of incorporation, May 17th, has been celebrated over the years as the Club Birthday.

The Club was organized by 22 charter members. Harold Lind was elected the first Commodore.

The Yacht Club set up headquarters and held its first meetings in an old wooden barge left high aground in the Northwest corner of the Cay after work was completed on the harbor. The facility was leased from the Pullman Company, developers of Paradise Cay, and over the years has seen numerous changes, alterations and additions. All work was done entirely by the members and culminated in a pleasant Clubhouse, licensed bar and patio area.

In 1999, with development of Paradise Cay's north spit under way, the old clubhouse was demolished to make way for harbor development, and construction began at the north end of the harbor on a new clubhouse, which was completed in November 2001.  Again, much of the work was done by TYC members. The facility includes spectacular views and a large deck area, and blends the bar and other fixtures from the old clubhouse with some impressive new contributions.

Over the years the membership has grown to about 200 members from many of the Bay Area counties. On May 17, 1980 the membership changed the name of the Club to the Tiburon Yacht Club. Only the name and burgee were changed. The spirit and traditions of the Club as an active organization of Yachting families continues unchanged.

  Past Commodores 
1965 H.O. Lind 
1966 H.O. Lind 
1967 H.O. Lind 
1968 Wes Noble 
1969 Wes Noble 
1970 Stan Behrens 
1971 Stan Behrens 
1972 Ronn Hill 
1973 Dick Morse
1974 Ralph Neelands 
1975 Don Kunstler 
1976 Bill Tapscott 
1977 Mike Fitz-Gerald
1978 Mike Russell 
1979 Bill Hoehler 
1980 Ed Bodington
1981 Mike Fitz-Gerald

1982 Bill Hillier
1983 Bill Robinson 
1984 Fred Conta 

1985 Susan Hoehler
1986 Jeff Samuels 
1987 Jerry Tostenson
1988 Ron Berger
1989 Bob Mott 
1990 Paul Ardleigh 
1991 Drew Doll 
1992 Ed Perkins 
1993 Mike Hauser 
1994 Alice Martin 
1995 Carolyn Doll 
1996 Ken Anderson
1997 Richard Selmeier
1998 Susan Hoehler
1999 Trip Ames
2000 Harry Blake
2001 Ken Romley
2002 Steve Nimz
2003 Walt Bilofsky
2004 Gerry Gunn

2005 Allen Dekelboum
2006 Don Henderson
2007 Lesa Gutenkunst
2008 Ian Matthew
2009 Eric Lyons
2010 Peter Schoen
2011 Drew Clark
2012 David Parkinson
2013 David Smith
2014 Gary Stypulkoski
2015 Ann Watson
2016 Nancy Bilofsky
2017 Shirley Vaughan
2018 Ian Matthew
2019 Tiffany Townsend
2020 Dave Anderson
2021 Chris Cooper
2022 Dave Anderson

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