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Upcoming events

    • 12/11/2018
    • (PST)
    • 12/14/2021
    • (PST)
    • 35 sessions
    • TYC

    TYC Board Meeting 

    • 01/04/2021
    • (PST)
    • 12/30/2021
    • (PST)
    • 104 sessions

    The TYC mah jongg group will continue to play every Monday and Thursday from 2 – 4 pm.

    The group will play online for the duration of the health emergency.

    New: Online game lets players hear and talk to the others at the table!

    This group is for TYC members and their guests only.

    Before you join an online meeting, please check out the online website. Go to  This website offers a free trial membership for 2 weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with that website, you can find answers to faqs there.

    After logging in at,:

    • Click on red tab at the top “New Game”.  
    • After filling in info regarding the 3 choices, click tab “Start New Game”.  A mahjongg table with tiles will open.  
    • Click on the “Menu” button, which is a gear wheel near the bottom right.  Then either:
      • Click on the “? Faq” button, which will give you general info about the game,
      • And/or try a game or two.
    • If you want further assistance, contact Nancy

    You can try it out
     by playing against “bots” (the computer) at the mahjongg table. The site plays American mah jongg only, and you’ll need the 2020 card.

    To play with TYC when the group meets at 2 pm Monday and Thursday:

    1.  At, look for the player name of any mahjongg player from TYC.
    2. Click on that name and ask to join the table.
    3. If the table is full, call Nancy. We can set up an additional table.
    4. You can also contact Nancy for a list of our members’ player names on that website.

    Any questions? Call or email Nancy.

    Interested in lessons or a slow paced game?  Let us know.

    • 05/14/2021
    • (PDT)
    • 09/03/2021
    • (PDT)
    • 17 sessions
    • Tiburon Yacht Club

    TYC invites you to participate in Friday Night Racing. Our Friday night beer can races are held weekly begin May 14th and running through September 3rd.

    Beginners are encouraged to participate in this casual racing environment.

    Entry is open to TYC members and visitors who wish to participate and who register on Jibeset. All participants and visitors are invited to the yacht club after the racing where the bar will be open and awards will be presented.

    • 06/19/2021
    • (PDT)
    • 08/14/2021
    • (PDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • Tiburon Yacht Club

    TYC invites you to participate in the H.O. Lind Summer Race Series. Entrance is open to TYC members and visitors who wish to participate and who register on Jibeset. Two races are scheduled for the day. The second race will start as soon as practical after the prior races.

    All participants and visitors are invited to the yacht club after the racing where the bar will be open and awards will be presented.
    • 06/25/2021
    • 10:00 AM (PDT)
    • 06/27/2021
    • (PDT)
    • Napa Valley Yacht Club

    Wine! Napa Valley! What a combo! And we can get there by boat!

    Come join in on the fun by cruising with us to the top of the Bay, then up the beautiful Napa River to the Napa Valley Yacht Club. The NVYC sits at a large bend in the river, about a mile walk down a lovely river road to downtown Napa. Home will be NVYC's 160' long dock, where we'll spend time relaxing on our boats, exploring beautiful downtown Napa, playing Bocci on the front lawn, and joining the camaraderie of the NVYC members as guests at their Friday night dinner. Of course, if you are really ambitious, you can Uber your way to many of the nearby wineries for a taste of classic Napa Chard, Cab, or maybe some sparking vino. If there is interest we might arrange such a trip for all of us.

    Registration: For space at the NVYC dock you must register here. Also, if you'd like to join NVYC for dinner on Friday night, please sign up when you register for the cruise.

    Friday Night Dinner at Napa Valley Yacht Club

    A longstanding tradition at many yacht clubs is hosting a visiting club for a Friday or Saturday night dinner. Our trip up to NVYC will be no different, as they have graciously invited TYC to join them for a wonderful dinner at their clubhouse. Friday night, 6/25 is Rock n' Roll Night at NVYC!  It should be a fun night (if we can get their sound system repaired before then)!  The menu will be Lasagna, Spinach Salad, Garlic Bread and Ice Cream for dessert.  The price will probably be $25 per person, and it's important that we get a count of who will be joining by 6/22. 

    Important notices to cruisers:

    • We have space at the NVYC dock for about 6-8 boats, depending on beam of course, so we probably all fit. The 180' Guest Dock has Max LOA: 125', Max Beam: 16', max Draft: 8'. The sooner you register the better!
    • There is plenty of water at the dock as they have been regularly dredging, but please note the shallows toward the west end of the dock near the shore.
    • The Napa river itself is plenty deep for our trip up river  -- at last 9 feet of water for the entire length -- as long as you stay in the channel! Looking at the tides, there is a high tide at 4PM at the NVYC dock, so timing looks good for riding the flood along our 30 nm, 4-5 hour trip. 
    • Generally speaking, the best way to stay in the deepest part of the river is to make slow, wide, gradual turns and avoid going "point-to-point" (directly from one marker to the next) unless specifically called for. This can happen if you follow too closely such a course that you've plotted on your GPS-connected nav screen (or iPad). So, spend a few minutes with an up-to-date chart for this section of the river, and think carefully about how you'll navigate up. Also, watch your depth closely to avoid drifting out of the channel. When the depth begins to shallow significantly, slow down and find the channel again by moving slowly to port or starboard. 
    • Here are a few tricky places to keep aware of:
      • Marker 7: Past the Mare Island Bridge and about 1 - 1/2 miles from the high-voltage power towers you need to starting paying close attention to where you are. The channel can be deceiving, with this huge body of water to port and a narrow channel. Approach this marker no closer than 50 yards to your port side.  Once you round Marker 7 do not head directly to Marker 9, but instead make a nice wide turn, staying to the starboard side of the channel if necessary to complete your turn. Heading past Marker 9, stay to port as you head to Marker 11. Once past Marker 11 you're good for awhile. 

      • Marker 13: About 1 - 3/4 miles from Marker 7, you'll need to follow the natural bend around to starboard. As before, make a slow, wide to to starboard. Don't cut the turn! And be aware that this is the start of a longish no-wake zone.
      • Up-river past Cuttings Wharf : Once you’re past the Cuttings Wharf ramp, you’re entering the more interesting upper reaches of the river. As long as you’re in the channel, there’s plenty of water, even at low tide, and it is certainly possible to navigate the river safely. However, there be shoals, rocks, and debris as well, and it is often unmarked. Although you might think high tide is the best time to go, the opposite is true: the river is safest at low tide, when the hazards are more visible.
      • Be aware that if you veer out of the channel, the Napa River bites back. The flood terraces to the side are not soft mud, as one would expect at the edge of a river, but include lots of rock. Stay focused. Stay in the channel!
      • Bottom-line: Stay with the group. Keep a radio tuned to the TYC cruise channel which will be announced prior to departure. Your leaders have been up this way many times and know the safe route up the river. 
    • A great resource for first-timers is this step-by-step guide to navigating the Napa River almost all the way up to Napa Valley Yacht Club. Remember that we are headed to Napa Valley Yacht Club, not the similar-sounding Napa Yacht Club which is a nice waterfront neighborhood, or the Napa Valley Marina, which has supplied the terrific guide linked here. 

    Cruise leader: Drew Clark     

    Note:  If your boat name, beam and LOA are in your profile, it will be entered automatically on your cruise registrations.

    List of registrants

    • 06/25/2021
    • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Back in the Clubhouse!

    Bar Opens 5:30 PM
    Dinner from 7:00 PM until the last racer has had a beer!

    Just $10 per person

    Please RSVP Thursday by 5 PM if possible, for food planning.

    Your support by participating is always appreciated.  If you'd like to get more involved, there are volunteer opportunities on the registration form. Click the registrant list link below to see what's still needed.

    List of registrants

    • 06/29/2021
    • (PDT)

    • 07/04/2021
    • 11:00 AM (PDT)
    • Tiburon Yacht Club
    TYC invites you to participate in the Brothers and Sisters Race on July 4th. This race course has participants rounding the  Brothers and Sisters Islands and returning to the TYC start/ finish line. Entrance is open to TYC members and visitors who wish to participate and who register on Jibeset.

    All participants and visitors are invited to the yacht club after the racing where the bar will be open, the BBQ will be in full operation, and awards will be presented.

    • 07/05/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM (PDT)

    Barbara Stauder Private Event

    • 07/11/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PDT)
    • TYC Clubhouse

    Gary Greene Celebration of Life, 2 - 5 pm.

    • 07/23/2021
    • 10:00 AM (PDT)
    • 07/31/2021
    • (PDT)
    • Grindstone Joe's, Delta YC, Devil's Isle

    We are excited to once again offer our annual Delta cruise and will again join the Petaluma Yacht Club and other groups to explore this inland water wonderland. TYC boats are welcome to join all or any part of this 11 day cruise.

    This year's cruise will visit:

    Grindstone Joe’s has a long history of being a premier destination for yacht club cruise-ins. Just a short boat ride or 15 minute walk to Tower Park Marina/Yogi Bear KOA.   The Marina includes a full restaurant, a convenience store, ice cream, mini golf, a fuel dock and a pump out station. 
    Amenities include potable water, electrical hookups and on-shore restrooms with showers.  The expansive deck is equipped with covered picnic tables, tables and chairs, two large BBQ pits, complimentary charcoal, ice machine, grilling utensils and a sink with soap and wash bins.
    Dock fee is $60/night.
    • Delta Yacht Club - July 26-30
      Our longtime Delta destination, this is a mini-resort with a pool, pitch and putt golf course, outdoor barbecues, indoor galley and dining, large screen TV, board and table games, crawdad fishing and eating, lots of island for walking around, and plentiful docking for side ties for everyone, with power and water on the dock. See photos below Dock fee $55/night.
    • Devil's Isle - July 30-31
      This is a small island with a long shaded dock area with tables and barbecue. It does not have power, showers, or potable water. Tower Park is in the area for pumping out, water, ice, & food etc. Dock fee $25/night.
         The program for Devil's Isle is:
      • Friday Dinner 6:30pm: On your own. Barbeque lit at 6:00 pm or you can cruise over to Tower Park for dinner.

      • Saturday 1pm Appetizer Party, bring your favorite appetizer.
      • Saturday Dinner TBD (might be a surprise!)
      • Sunday Breakfast Potluck at 9am


    • Reservations and payments for each of the venues must be received in advance. See registration form for details. 

    Participating clubs this year include Petaluma YC, TYC, Oxbow YC 

    Registration details:

    • If your boat name, beam and LOA are in your profile, it will be entered automatically on your cruise registrations.
    • You can cancel your registration by clicking "Already registered" at the left. To make changes, cancel and re-register, or email

    List of TYC registrants

    Delta Yacht Club:





    • 08/28/2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Tiburon Yacht Club
    TYC invites you to participate in the annual Fox Hat Race around Angel Island, Alcatraz, and Red Rock (in any order). Entrance is open to TYC members and visitors who wish to participate and who register on Jibeset.

    All participants and visitors are invited to the yacht club after the racing where the bar will be open and awards will be presented.

    • 09/06/2021
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 09/11/2021
    • (PDT)
    • Sacramento River

    Join us for an unforgettable cruise up the mighty Sacramento River to beautiful downtown Sacramento. It's a fun, bridge-filled trip, passing by many quaint and historic towns on our way up to Sacramento. They say the journey is the reward, and this will certainly be true for this cruise.

    Our 6-day adventure will begin with an overnight stay in Benicia, with a visit to the lovely Benicia Yacht Club and dinner out in the quaint downtown area. Next morning we'll head out bright and early (subject to tides and weather) toward Rio Vista and Delta Marina. 

    Places we'll visit on our cruise include:

    • Benicia - September 6-7
      Our longtime gateway to the Delta, this is a lovely first stop on our way up the river. The facilities are first-class, with fuel, water, supplies, easy walk into town, and just right for walking around on a nice warm late-summer evening. We'll stop in to the Benicia Yacht Club for cocktails and to say hello, then walk 5 minutes into town for a waterfront dinner overlooking Carquinez  Strait

    • Delta Marina - September 7-8
      For those who regularly cruise to the north Delta or Sacramento region, Delta Marina has long been a must-stop, nicely located in Rio Vista, a charming small town right along the Sacramento River in Solano County. The marina has all the bells and whistles, with fuel, water, an amazing chandlery, an RV park, and lots of covered picnic areas which provide an escape from the boats on a hot day. 

    • Riverbank Marina - September 8-10
    • Leaving Rio Vista astern, we'll radio the Rio Vista bridge and ask for a lift to allow us to turn right and follow the Sacramento River all the way up to Old Sac. In fact, along the way we'll have to lift a total of 7 bridges to be able to make our way up river! We'll pass some amazing sights, including quaint and historical towns such as Ryde, Locke, Walnut Grove, Courtland, Clarksburg, and Freeport.

    • Just past Walnut Grove and just before the Paintersville Bridge we'll see the Steamboat Bridge appear on our port side. If we're on time, we'll stop in to the dock for lunch. There's a fun little beach and great place to get out and stretch before continuing up river. 

    • As we get closer to Sacramento, just past the confluence with the American River we'll see the Riverbank marina appear to starboard. Our home for the next two nights, Riverbank is an amazing marina, with several great restaurants on site, fuel, water, supplies - everything we need for a delightful stay. 

    • We'll spend the days exploring Old Sac, downtown, the American River, local wineries,  maybe even take a hot raft ride if we choose to. There's lots to do and we'll have a ball doing it!
    • Pittsburg Yacht Club - September 10-11
    • Alas, we can't stay up here forever, so we'll have to depart early for the trip downriver and Pittsburg Yacht Club for the night. This is a long leg, so we'll leave early and get in just in time for a well-deserved cocktail hour and dinner either at the Yacht Club or in town. Next morning we''l head back to the bay area.

    Registration details:

    • If your boat name, beam and LOA are in your profile, it will be entered automatically on your cruise registrations.
    • You can cancel your registration by clicking "Already registered" at the left. To make changes, cancel and re-register, or email

    List of TYC registrants





    • 09/18/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (PDT)

    Nataliya Anon charity event

    • 09/24/2021
    • 10:00 AM (PDT)
    • 09/26/2021
    • (PDT)
    • Petaluma Turning Basin

    Butter! Eggs! Chicks! Let's help celebrate Petaluma's annual Butter and Eggs Festival and parade!

    Come join in on the fun by cruising with us to charming Petaluma and spend a beautiful late summer weekend exploring antique shops, watch (or join) the parade, enjoying some local and a bit more exotic cuisine, and maybe sip some wonderful port from a local winery.

    (I promised you chicks!)

    Home will be the Petaluma Turning Basin which has been recently dredged last October for the first time in 17 years! 

    Food, etc.

    Friday night we plan to join Petaluma Yacht Club at their lovely clubhouse next-door to the Basin. Please indicate if you wish to join us on the Registration page. 

    For dinner Saturday night, we are planning a short walk over the D-Street bridge to a wonderful Peruvian restaurant  Ayawaska. We may also wander down to H Street to visit a favorite maker and purveyor of port at Sonoma Portworks, and maybe an after-dinner stroll over to Mariposa Ice Creamery for some delish homemade ice cream flavored with local chocolate and liquors.

    Important notices to cruisers:

    • Details to be added soon!

    Cruise leader: Drew Clark     

    Note:  If your boat name, beam and LOA are in your profile, it will be entered automatically on your cruise registrations.

    List of registrants

    • 12/18/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (PST)

    Nataliya Anon charity event

Past events

06/22/2021 Club Cleaning
06/19/2021 Warmup Cruise and Pig Roast Party - San Rafael YC
06/18/2021 Cheeseburgers in Paradise
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05/31/2021 Memorial Day Remembrance Breakfast
05/28/2021 Dutts' Indian Dinner for COVID Relief
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05/08/2021 Ocho de Mayo - Margaritas & Grill Your Own Burger
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04/23/2021 Online Dinner and TYC Cruise Meeting
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12/18/2020 TYC Holiday Party, Live Concert and Dinner
12/13/2020 TYC Food and Toy Collection
12/11/2020 Online Event - Mixology Seminar
12/05/2020 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
11/27/2020 Black Friday Sail and Day Cruise: Wild Turkey Race
11/14/2020 TYC Annual Meeting & Dinner
10/31/2020 Red Rock Regatta Halloween Race and Day Cruise
10/29/2020 Online Event - Halloween Costume Party
10/16/2020 Online Event - TYC Fine Dining Together - Chicken Tagine
10/04/2020 Commodore's Picnic Afloat
09/26/2020 TYC Short-Handed Races
09/24/2020 Online Event - Cocktails and Conversation
09/11/2020 Online Event - TYC Fine Dining Together (FRIDAY)
09/03/2020 Online Event - TYC's Got Talent
08/27/2020 TYC's Got Talent - POSTPONED 1 Week
08/13/2020 Online Event - TYC Fine Dining Together
07/30/2020 Online Event - Ancient Waters - A Scenic Cruise through History
07/18/2020 (Cancelled) H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #3 & 4
07/16/2020 Online Event - Cocktails and Conversation
07/05/2020 (club cleaning)
07/04/2020 July 4th Celebration - Moved Online
07/02/2020 Cancelled - Orientation for July 4th Attendees & Volunteers
06/25/2020 Online Event - Survey Results & Reopening (NEW TIME)
06/20/2020 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #1 & 2 - POSTPONED
06/18/2020 Online Event - TYC Social Hour
06/11/2020 Online Commodore Chat: TYC - Finding the New Normal
06/04/2020 Online Event - Trivia Night
05/28/2020 Online Event - Social Hour & Matthew Turner Chat
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05/16/2020 Fox Hat Race - Postponed
05/14/2020 Online Event - TYC Social Hour
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05/07/2020 Club Cleaning CANCELLED
05/06/2020 Dredge Leader Meeting CANCELLED
05/03/2020 Private Event
05/02/2020 (Cinco de Mayo Regatta - Cancelled)
04/30/2020 Online Event - Let's Talk Boat Maintenance
04/23/2020 Online Event - Oh, the Places You'll Go (by Boat)!
04/23/2020 CANCELLED Club Cleaning
04/19/2020 Commodore's Cocktail Party - POSTPONED
04/18/2020 (Behrens Memorial Regatta - Cancelled)
04/17/2020 Online Event - Your Favorite TYC Story
04/16/2020 CANCELLED Club Cleaning
04/11/2020 Easter Egg Hunt CANCELLED
04/10/2020 Online Event - Cooking in Place
04/04/2020 The Don Wan Regatta - Postponed
04/02/2020 CANCELLED (club cleaning)
03/29/2020 POSTPONED Paradise Cay HOA Meeting
03/28/2020 Private Event
03/27/2020 POSTPONED - Family Night at TYC
03/26/2020 cancelled (club cleaning)
03/21/2020 TYC/CYC Friendship Regatta - POSTPONED
03/19/2020 (club cleaning)
03/16/2020 Mah Jongg Group Play (Online)
03/16/2020 Kids' Play Date - SUSPENDED
03/07/2020 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
03/06/2020 (club cleaning)
03/05/2020 (CSA 29 Advisory Board Mtg)
02/29/2020 Private Event - HOLD
02/28/2020 Family Night at TYC
02/27/2020 (club cleaning)
02/25/2020 (carpet cleaning)
02/23/2020 Private Event HOLD
02/22/2020 TYC - Berkeley YC Happy Hour & Dinner
02/22/2020 Cruise-In - Berkeley YC
02/20/2020 (club cleaning)
02/19/2020 CSA 29 Advisory Bd Mtg
02/09/2020 92nd Academy Awards - Oscars at the Yacht Club!
02/08/2020 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
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02/02/2020 Super Bowl Chili Cookoff
01/30/2020 (club cleaning)
01/25/2020 Crab Feed
01/23/2020 (club cleaning)
01/11/2020 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
01/09/2020 (club cleaning)
01/07/2020 Adv. Tai Chi
01/06/2020 Kids' Play Date
12/27/2019 (club cleaning)
12/21/2019 Private Event
12/14/2019 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
12/13/2019 Private Event - HOLD
12/12/2019 (cliub cleaning)
12/08/2019 TYC Holiday Party
12/05/2019 (club cleaning)
11/29/2019 Black Friday Sail: Wild Turkey Race
11/28/2019 Private Event
11/23/2019 TYC Short-Handed Races - Rescheduled
11/21/2019 (club cleaning)
11/16/2019 Annual Meeting & Change of Watch
11/14/2019 (club cleaning)
11/09/2019 Annual Race Awards Dinner
10/31/2019 (club cleaning)
10/27/2019 Halloween Family Night
10/26/2019 Red Rock Regatta
10/24/2019 (club cleaning)
10/20/2019 Leukemia Cup Regatta (CYC)
10/13/2019 Private Event - HOLD
10/12/2019 Joan Storer Memorial Women's Regatta
10/11/2019 Tinsley Seven Star Cruise
10/11/2019 (club cleaning)
10/09/2019 (carpet cleaning)
10/04/2019 General Meeting, Dinner & Program: CANCELLED
09/28/2019 TYC Casino Royale - CANCELLED
09/26/2019 (club cleaning)
09/19/2019 (club cleaning)
09/15/2019 Commodore's Picnic
09/14/2019 Private Event
09/13/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
09/13/2019 Family Friendly Friday Dinner and Karaoke Night
09/12/2019 (club cleaning)
09/11/2019 Latitude 38's Fall Crew List Party
09/07/2019 14th Almost Annual Salmon Derby and Feast
09/07/2019 Tornberg TYC Championship Regatta
09/06/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
09/06/2019 Dinner & Movie Night - September General Meeting
09/05/2019 (club cleaning)
08/30/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
08/30/2019 Friday Roast Pork Loin Dinner
08/30/2019 Flash Cruise to Golden Gate YC
08/29/2019 (club cleaning)
08/24/2019 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #7 - 9
08/24/2019 Beginners' Cruise and Dinner - San Rafael YC
08/23/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
08/23/2019 Friday Shrimp & Sausage Pasta Dinner
08/22/2019 (club cleaning)
08/17/2019 Musica Marin Kickoff Party
08/16/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
08/16/2019 Friday Dinner
08/15/2019 (club cleaning)
08/10/2019 Private Event
08/10/2019 (club cleaning)
08/09/2019 Friday Dinner
08/08/2019 (club cleaning)
08/02/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
08/02/2019 Friday Dinner
08/01/2019 (club cleaning)
07/27/2019 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #4 - 6
07/27/2019 Angel Island Picnic (RBYC)
07/26/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
07/26/2019 Friday Dinner and Karaoke
07/25/2019 (club cleaning)
07/20/2019 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #1 - 3 - rescheduled
07/19/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
07/19/2019 Friday Dinner
07/18/2019 (club cleaning)
07/16/2019 Delta Cruise
07/12/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
07/12/2019 Friday Dinner - Cancelled
07/11/2019 (club cleaning)
07/05/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
07/05/2019 Friday Dinner
07/04/2019 July 4th BBQ
07/04/2019 Brothers & Sisters 4th of July Holiday Race
07/03/2019 (club cleaning)
06/28/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
06/28/2019 Friday Dinner - Chicken & RIBS!
06/26/2019 Private Event
06/26/2019 (club cleaning)
06/22/2019 Lobster Boil
06/22/2019 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #1 - 3 - Rescheduled to July 27
06/21/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
06/21/2019 Friday Sea Bass Dinner and Karaoke
06/20/2019 (club cleaning)
06/15/2019 Private Event
06/14/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
06/14/2019 Friday Dinner - Roast Pork Adobo
06/13/2019 (club cleaning)
06/08/2019 Private Event
06/08/2019 Fox Hat Race
06/07/2019 General Meeting, Dinner & Movie
06/06/2019 (club cleaning)
06/04/2019 Private Event
06/01/2019 Private Event
05/31/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
05/31/2019 Friday Tacos Dinner and Karaoke
05/30/2019 (club cleaning)
05/24/2019 TYC Friday Night Race
05/24/2019 Friday Dinner
05/23/2019 (club cleaning)
05/18/2019 TYC & Commodore Tiffany's Birthday Party!
05/16/2019 (club cleaning)
05/11/2019 Behrens Memorial Regatta
05/09/2019 (club cleaning)
05/05/2019 Cinco de Mayo Party
05/02/2019 (club cleaning)
04/27/2019 Opening Day on the Bay Party ~ SATURDAY April 27th
04/25/2019 (club cleaning)
04/20/2019 Easter Egg Hunt
04/18/2019 (club cleaning)
04/14/2019 Commodore's Cocktail Party
04/13/2019 Fire Extinguisher & Flare Demo
04/11/2019 Fire Extinguisher & Flare Demo
04/11/2019 (club cleaning)
04/06/2019 The Don Wan Regatta
04/05/2019 General Meeting, Dinner, & Program: Boating Accidents on the SF Bay
04/04/2019 (club cleaning)
03/30/2019 TYC Midwinters Makeup
03/27/2019 (Carpet Cleaning)
03/22/2019 Cruise to St. Francis YC
03/21/2019 (club cleaning)
03/16/2019 St. Patrick's Day Party
03/14/2019 Bartender Training
03/14/2019 CSA 29 Committee Meeting
03/14/2019 (club cleaning)
03/08/2019 General Meeting, Dinner & Program: Chocolate Tasting
03/08/2019 Cruise to Golden Gate YC
03/07/2019 (club cleaning)
03/03/2019 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series (makeup date)
03/02/2019 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
02/28/2019 (club cleaning)
02/25/2019 Local Fishing Legends Share Secrets
02/22/2019 TYC Happy Hour & Open House
02/19/2019 Bridge Group
02/19/2019 Interm. Tai Chi
02/14/2019 (club cleaning)
02/11/2019 (PCHOA Meeting)
02/09/2019 8 Bells - Bea Lufi
02/07/2019 (club cleaning)
02/03/2019 Super Bowl Party - Chili Cookoff
02/02/2019 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Races 5 & 6 - Cancelled
02/01/2019 General Meeting, Dinner & Program: Just Explore: Fascinating Bay Area Discoveries
01/31/2019 (club cleaning)
01/26/2019 Crab Feed
01/24/2019 (club cleaning)
01/17/2019 (club cleaning)
01/15/2019 (PCHOA Meeting)
01/13/2019 Jazz in January!
01/10/2019 (club cleaning)
01/07/2019 Learn to Play Mahjong (or just play)
01/04/2019 General Meeting, Dinner & Program: Keeping You Safe Around the Bay
01/03/2019 (club cleaning)
01/02/2019 Galley Committee Meeting
12/31/2018 Mah Jongg
12/31/2018 Kids' Music Play Date
12/19/2018 (club cleaning)
12/16/2018 TYC Holiday Party
12/12/2018 (club cleaning)
12/08/2018 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race Series
12/07/2018 Feast of the Seven Fishes
12/07/2018 Private Event
12/05/2018 (club cleaning)
12/03/2018 (PCHOA Meeting)
12/01/2018 Private Event
11/28/2018 (club cleaning)
11/23/2018 Black Friday Sail: Wild Turkey Race
11/22/2018 Private Party
11/21/2018 (club cleaning)
11/17/2018 Annual Meeting and Dinner
11/14/2018 (club cleaning)
11/07/2018 (club cleaning)
11/06/2018 TYC Board Meeting
11/05/2018 (PCHOA Meeting)
11/03/2018 Annual Race Awards Dinner
11/01/2018 (Club Cleaning)
10/30/2018 (Carpet Cleaning)
10/27/2018 Red Rock Halloween Party
10/27/2018 Red Rock Regatta
10/24/2018 (Club Cleaning)
10/23/2018 Adv. Tai Chi
10/23/2018 Beg. Tai Chi
10/20/2018 Private Party
10/17/2018 (Club Cleaning)
10/16/2018 TYC Board Meeting
10/13/2018 Joan Storer Memorial Women's Regatta
10/12/2018 Harvest Festival Celebration
10/10/2018 CSA 29 Board Meeting
10/10/2018 (Club Cleaning)
10/07/2018 TYC Short-Handed Races
10/06/2018 Private Event
10/05/2018 General Meeting and Dinner
10/03/2018 (club cleaning)
10/01/2018 (PCHOA Meeting)
09/28/2018 Tinsley Five Star Cruise
09/25/2018 TYC Board Meeting
09/22/2018 Commodore's Cruise and Picnic
09/19/2018 (club cleaning)
09/15/2018 Private Event
09/12/2018 (club cleaning)
09/09/2018 13th Annual Salmon Derby
09/08/2018 Tornberg TYC Championship Regatta
09/05/2018 (club cleaning)
08/30/2018 (club cleaning)
08/25/2018 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #4 - 6
08/24/2018 Tiburon Yacht Club ~ End of Summer Celebration!
08/23/2018 (club cleaning)
08/18/2018 Salmon Derby - Rescheduled to Sept. 9
08/16/2018 (club cleaning)
08/14/2018 TYC Board Meeting
08/11/2018 TYC-CYC Friendship Regatta - Cancelled
08/10/2018 Friday Night Dinner Finale - BBQ
08/09/2018 (club cleaning)
08/03/2018 Friday Dinner: Chef Mark's Taco Bar
08/02/2018 (club cleaning)
07/27/2018 Friday Dinner - Burgers in Paradise
07/25/2018 (club cleaning)
07/22/2018 Vessel Safety Check Day at TYC
07/20/2018 Dinner - (Re)Introducing Chef Mark Furr
07/20/2018 Delta Cruise
07/19/2018 (club cleaning)
07/14/2018 Fox Hat Race
07/13/2018 Racers' Potluck Dinner
07/12/2018 (club cleaning)
07/10/2018 TYC Board Meeting
07/06/2018 Friday Night Dinner
07/05/2018 (club cleaning)
07/04/2018 July 4th BBQ
07/04/2018 Brothers & Sisters 4th of July Holiday Race
07/02/2018 (club cleaning)
06/30/2018 Private Event
06/29/2018 Friday Night Dinner
06/28/2018 (club cleaning)
06/23/2018 TYC / Richardson Bay YC Summer Fling
06/23/2018 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #1 - 3
06/22/2018 Friday Night Cheeseburgers in Paradise
06/21/2018 (club cleaning)
06/15/2018 Chinese Dinner
06/14/2018 (club cleaning)
06/12/2018 TYC Board Meeting
06/08/2018 Friday Night Dinner
06/07/2018 (club cleaning)
06/05/2018 (carpet cleaning)
06/01/2018 Friday Night Kick-Off Luau
05/30/2018 (club cleaning)
05/25/2018 TYC Friday Night Race
05/25/2018 Friday Night Dinner
05/23/2018 (club cleaning)
05/22/2018 TYC Board Meeting
05/20/2018 General Housekeeping Work Party
05/19/2018 Water Safety Fair - US Coast Guard
05/09/2018 (club cleaning)
05/05/2018 Cinco de Mayo Party
05/05/2018 TYC Behrens Regatta
05/05/2018 (club cleaning)
05/04/2018 Private Event
05/02/2018 (club cleaning)
04/25/2018 (club cleaning)
04/21/2018 Richardson Bay YC Cruise In
04/20/2018 Cruise to Golden Gate YC
04/18/2018 TYC Board Meeting
04/18/2018 (club cleaning)
04/15/2018 Commodore's Cocktail Party
04/11/2018 (club cleaning)
04/07/2018 Don Wan Regatta
04/04/2018 (club cleaning)
03/31/2018 Easter Egg Hunt
03/28/2018 (club cleaning)
03/21/2018 (club cleaning)
03/20/2018 TYC Board Meeting
03/17/2018 St. Patrick's Day Party
03/15/2018 (club cleaning)
03/14/2018 HOA Annual Meeting
03/09/2018 TYC Open House
03/07/2018 CSA 29 Meeting
03/07/2018 (club cleaning)
03/03/2018 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Races
02/21/2018 (club cleaning)
02/16/2018 Eric Lyons' Famous Bartending Class
02/14/2018 (carpet cleaning)
02/13/2018 TYC Board Meeting
02/07/2018 (club cleaning)
02/04/2018 Super Bowl Party - Chili Cookoff
02/03/2018 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Races
01/31/2018 (club cleaning)
01/29/2018 Jibeset Workshop
01/28/2018 Celebration of Life - Stan Behrens Staff Commodore
01/27/2018 private rental
01/26/2018 General Meeting
01/24/2018 (club cleaning)
01/23/2018 Board meeting
01/20/2018 Private Rental
01/17/2018 (club cleaning)
01/12/2018 private rental
01/11/2018 An Evening with Cooper Helfet
01/10/2018 private rental
01/08/2018 Kids' Playdate
01/08/2018 (club cleaning)
01/06/2018 Crab Feed
01/06/2018 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Races
01/03/2018 (club cleaning)
01/02/2018 Tai Chi
01/01/2018 Mah Jongg
12/22/2017 (club cleaning)
12/15/2017 private rental
12/11/2017 (club cleaning)
12/09/2017 Holiday Party
12/08/2017 TYC Christmas Party Setup
12/08/2017 (club cleaning)
12/02/2017 private rental
11/30/2017 (club cleaning)
11/29/2017 Neighborhood Get Ready Training
11/24/2017 Black Friday Wild Turkey Race
11/16/2017 (club cleaning)
11/15/2017 Neighborhood Get Ready Training
11/11/2017 Annual Meeting and Dinner
11/08/2017 (club cleaning)
11/05/2017 Vessel Safety Check
11/04/2017 Annual Race Awards Dinner
11/04/2017 Post-Regatta Party - All Members Invited
11/04/2017 Joan Storer Memorial Women's Regatta
11/02/2017 (club cleaning)
10/28/2017 Halloween Party - Black Sails & Sea Monsters
10/28/2017 Red Rock Regatta
10/27/2017 Cruise-In Cocktails and BYO BBQ
10/25/2017 (carpet cleaning)
10/19/2017 (club cleaning)
10/11/2017 (club cleaning)
10/06/2017 private rental
10/05/2017 (club cleaning)
09/30/2017 TYC Short-Handed Races
09/29/2017 Oktoberfest Cruise to Tinsley Is.
09/28/2017 (club cleaning)
09/22/2017 Commodore's Picnic (Sept. 23) and Day or Weekend Cruise
09/21/2017 (club cleaning)
09/16/2017 private event
09/15/2017 Happy Hour / Open House
09/13/2017 (club cleaning
09/09/2017 Tornberg TYC Championship Regatta
09/08/2017 General Meeting
09/06/2017 Carpet Cleaning
08/30/2017 (club cleaning)
08/26/2017 Salmon Derby
08/25/2017 Drake's Bay Cruise with Petaluma YC
08/24/2017 (club cleaning)
08/19/2017 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #4 - 6
08/17/2017 (PCHA meeting)
08/16/2017 (club cleaning)
08/11/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Chef's Choice Dinner
08/10/2017 (club cleaning)
08/05/2017 TYC Moseley Regatta
08/04/2017 FridaYAYayYAY Night Chicken Curry
08/02/2017 (club cleaning)
07/29/2017 Richardson Bay YC Cruise/Drive-In
07/28/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Dinner - Rachel Ray's Sloppy Joes
07/27/2017 (club cleaning)
07/21/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Paradise (Cay) Burgers
07/21/2017 Delta Cruise
07/19/2017 (club cleaning)
07/15/2017 Fox Hat Race
07/14/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! New Members Dinner
07/13/2017 (club cleaning)
07/10/2017 Weekday Lunch Cruise to Angel Is.
07/07/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Kebabs by the Siento Crew
07/06/2017 (club cleaning)
07/04/2017 July 4th Picnic
07/04/2017 Brothers and Sisters 4th of July Holiday Race
06/30/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Potluck Dinner
06/29/2017 planning meeting for 7/14 dinner
06/29/2017 (club cleaning)
06/24/2017 H.O. Lind Summer Series, Races #1 - 3
06/23/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! TYC Birthday Dinner by Michael Zhao
06/21/2017 (club cleaning)
06/17/2017 Private event
06/16/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Burgers in Paradise Dinner
06/15/2017 (club cleaning)
06/13/2017 Board meeting
06/09/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Pizza and Golden State Warriors!
06/07/2017 (club cleaning)
06/02/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Chef Pia's Pasta Dinner
06/02/2017 Richmond YC Cruise and BBQ
06/01/2017 (club cleaning)
05/30/2017 carpet cleaning
05/26/2017 TYC Friday Night Racing
05/26/2017 FridaYAYayYAY! Corned Beef Sliders Dinner
05/24/2017 (club cleaning)
05/23/2017 CSA 29 Meeting
05/18/2017 (club cleaning)
05/16/2017 Tai Chi
05/13/2017 Private event
05/10/2017 club cleaning)
05/09/2017 carpet cleaning
05/06/2017 TYC Behrens Regatta
05/04/2017 Reed School Foundation mtg
05/04/2017 (club cleaning)
04/29/2017 Bob Mott - Celebration of Life
04/27/2017 Thursday Mah Jongg
04/20/2017 (club cleaning)
04/15/2017 RBYC Cruise-In
04/15/2017 Easter Egg Hunt & Party
04/15/2017 Easter Party Setup
04/14/2017 Easter Party Setup
04/09/2017 Commodore's Cocktail Party
04/09/2017 Commodore's Guest Cruise
04/02/2017 Brunch Day Cruise to Angel Is.
04/01/2017 Don Wan Regatta
03/31/2017 Benicia Cruise
03/30/2017 (club cleaning)
03/23/2017 (club cleaning)
03/22/2017 Family Fun Brainstorming Session
03/17/2017 General Meeting and St. Pat's Dinner
03/15/2017 (club cleaning)
03/09/2017 PCHA Annual Meeting
03/09/2017 (club cleaning)
03/05/2017 2017 Cruise Adventures Planning Dinner Meeting
03/04/2017 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #3
02/23/2017 (club cleaning)
02/21/2017 Tai Chi
02/18/2017 (private event)
02/15/2017 (club cleaning)
02/11/2017 Chinese New Year Celebration and Dinner
02/09/2017 (club cleaning)
02/05/2017 Super Bowl 51 Tailgate Party
02/04/2017 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #1 (Postponed to Feb 4)
02/04/2017 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #2
01/26/2017 (club cleaning)
01/20/2017 Crab Feed - NEW DATE
01/19/2017 Private party
01/18/2017 (cllub cleaning)
01/12/2017 (club cleaning)
01/09/2017 Mah Jongg
01/04/2017 Board meeting
01/02/2017 Kids' Playdate
12/29/2016 (club cleaning)
12/15/2016 (club cleaning)
12/11/2016 Holiday party
12/07/2016 (club cleaning)
12/04/2016 private rental
12/03/2016 private rental
12/03/2016 Magical Christmas Bus Tour
11/28/2016 (club cleaning)
11/25/2016 Wild Turkey Race
11/23/2016 (club cleaning)
11/17/2016 (club cleaning)
11/12/2016 Annual Meeting and Dinner
11/09/2016 (carpet cleaning)
11/09/2016 (club cleaning)
11/05/2016 Annual Race & Cruise Awards Dinner
11/03/2016 (club cleaning)
10/29/2016 Red Rock Regatta Costume Party
10/29/2016 Red Rock Regatta
10/27/2016 (club cleaning)
10/25/2016 Tai Chi
10/23/2016 Terrapin Crossroads Sunday Brunch, Concert? and Creek Cruise
10/22/2016 Reed Foundation event
10/20/2016 (club cleaning)
10/15/2016 Dutts' Indian Dinner and Party
10/15/2016 Joan Storer Regatta
10/13/2016 Private rental
10/12/2016 (club cleaning)
10/07/2016 Dream Team Dinner, Marine Mammal Center Talk, Gen. Mtg.
10/06/2016 (club cleaning)
10/01/2016 rental [tentative]
10/01/2016 TYC Short-Handed Races
09/28/2016 (carpet cleaning)
09/27/2016 Tinsley Five Star Cruise
09/26/2016 Westerlies Deadline
09/23/2016 Commodore's Picnic (Sept. 24) and Day or Weekend Cruise
09/22/2016 (club cleaning)
09/17/2016 Aloha Night - Hawaiian Dinner
09/17/2016 Tornberg Regatta
09/15/2016 (club cleaning)
09/14/2016 Committee meeting
09/09/2016 "Asian-TYC Fusion" Dinner and General Meeting
09/08/2016 (club cleaning)
09/03/2016 private rental
08/31/2016 (club cleaning)
08/27/2016 Salmon Derby
08/25/2016 (club cleaning)
08/22/2016 Westerlies Deadline
08/21/2016 Flash Sunday Brunch Cruise - Terrapin Crossroads
08/20/2016 H.O. Lind Series #5 & #6
08/19/2016 TYC-IF: Dream Team - Lasagna Dinner
08/17/2016 (club cleaning)
08/13/2016 Private Party
08/12/2016 TYC-IF: Pasta Your Way by Chef Pia
08/11/2016 (club cleaning)
08/06/2016 TYC Moseley Regatta
08/05/2016 TYC-IF: Lily Kai Chinese Buffet
08/03/2016 (club cleaning)
08/01/2016 Delta Cruise
07/29/2016 TYC-IF: Teriyaki Chicken Sliders Dinner
07/26/2016 Tai Chi
07/25/2016 Westerlies Deadline
07/23/2016 cruise in
07/23/2016 H.O. Lind Series #3 & #4
07/22/2016 TYC-IF: Chef Pia's Chicken Adobo Dinner
07/20/2016 (club cleaning)
07/16/2016 Fox Hat Race
07/15/2016 TYC-IF: Dream Team's BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken
07/14/2016 (club cleaning
07/08/2016 TYC-IF: Sloppy Joes Dinner
07/08/2016 Loch Lomond Yacht Club Cruise
07/07/2016 (club cleaning)
07/04/2016 July 4th Picnic
07/04/2016 Brothers and Sisters Race
07/01/2016 TYC-IF: Sol Food Puerto Rican Dinner
06/30/2016 (club cleaning)
06/27/2016 Westerlies Deadline
06/25/2016 H.O. Lind Series #1 & #2
06/24/2016 TYC-IF: Burgers in Paradise
06/23/2016 CSA 29 Meeting
06/22/2016 (club cleaning)
06/18/2016 private rental
06/17/2016 TYC-IF: Jambalaya Dinner
06/17/2016 South Beach YC Cruise
06/16/2016 (club cleaning)
06/14/2016 (carpet cleaning)
06/12/2016 POSTPONED: Breakfast & Watercraft Event
06/11/2016 Private Party
06/11/2016 (club cleaning)
06/10/2016 Warriors NBA Finals Game 4
06/10/2016 TYC-IF: René's Mad Mex Meal
06/10/2016 TYC-IF: Friday Table Games
06/09/2016 (club cleaning)
06/08/2016 Warriors NBA Finals Game 3
06/05/2016 (club cleaning)
06/04/2016 Private Party
06/04/2016 CYC-TYC Friendship Regatta
06/04/2016 (club cleaning)
06/03/2016 TYC-IF: Burgers in Paradise
06/02/2016 Warriors NBA Finals Game
06/02/2016 (club cleaning)
05/27/2016 TYC-IF: Thai Buffet Dinner
05/26/2016 (CSA 29 Advisory Board Meeting)
05/26/2016 (club cleaning)
05/26/2016 Petaluma YC Cruise
05/23/2016 Westerlies Deadline
05/21/2016 private rental
05/20/2016 TYC-IF: Friday Night Race
05/20/2016 TYC-IF: Italian Buffet Dinner
05/19/2016 (club cleaning)
05/14/2016 Private Party
05/14/2016 TYC Behrens Regatta
05/13/2016 General Meeting and Race Clinic
05/12/2016 (club cleaning)
05/07/2016 Cinco de Mayo TYC Birthday Bash
05/07/2016 Margarita Madness Cinco de Mayo Race
05/05/2016 (club cleaning)
05/03/2016 Tai Chi
04/28/2016 (club cleaning)
04/23/2016 RBYC Cruise-In
04/22/2016 Happy Hour [tentative]
04/21/2016 (club cleaning)
04/20/2016 Cooking Class – A Taste of India
04/20/2016 Dredge Leaders Meeting (tentative)
04/17/2016 Commodore's Cocktail Party
04/17/2016 Commodore's Guest Cruise
04/14/2016 (club cleaning)
04/10/2016 Sunday Brunch
04/09/2016 Don Wan Regatta
04/08/2016 General Meeting
04/08/2016 Encinal YC Cruise with Cabaret Night
04/07/2016 (club cleaning)
03/31/2016 (club cleaning)
03/28/2016 Westerlies Deadline
03/26/2016 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #3
03/26/2016 Easter Egg Hunt & Party
03/24/2016 private rental
03/24/2016 (club cleaning)
03/23/2016 Cooking Class - Crazy for Custard and Creams!
03/18/2016 TYC Happy Hour 2
03/17/2016 (club cleaning)
03/12/2016 Sausalito Cruise/Drive and Tall Ship Tour
03/11/2016 General Meeting
03/11/2016 Ski Cruise
03/10/2016 (club cleaning)
03/08/2016 PCHA Annual Meeting
03/03/2016 (club cleaning)
02/27/2016 Private Party - Lopez
02/25/2016 (club cleaning)
02/23/2016 (CSA 29 Advisory Board Meeting)
02/22/2016 Westerlies Deadline
02/20/2016 Private Party Classic Yachts
02/20/2016 (club cleaning)
02/19/2016 Happy Hour with Live Music and Dinner
02/18/2016 (club cleaning)
02/16/2016 (carpet cleaning)
02/16/2016 Tai Chi (Beg.)
02/12/2016 General Meeting and Program
02/11/2016 (club cleaning)
02/10/2016 Dominoes
02/09/2016 Tai Chi
02/09/2016 Beginning Tai Chi - Free Introductory Class
02/07/2016 Super Bowl Viewing & Chili Cook-Off Party
02/06/2016 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #2
02/04/2016 (club cleaning)
01/29/2016 South African Dinner
01/28/2016 (club cleaning)
01/26/2016 Tai Chi (Adv.)
01/21/2016 (club cleaning)
01/20/2016 Dominos Night!
01/16/2016 Crab Feed
01/14/2016 (club cleaning)
01/11/2016 Mah Jongg Games
01/09/2016 Bob & Esther Mott Midwinter Race #1
01/08/2016 General Meeting
01/06/2016 (board meeting)
01/06/2016 (club cleaning)
01/04/2016 TYC Kids' Playdate
01/01/2016 New Year's Open House
12/30/2015 Dominos Night!
12/30/2015 (club cleaning)
12/29/2015 Tai Chi
12/28/2015 Mah Jongg
12/28/2015 TYC Kids' Playdate
12/27/2015 Private Party - Campbell
12/24/2015 (club cleaning)
12/23/2015 Private Holiday Party
12/22/2015 Tai Chi
12/21/2015 Mah Jongg
12/21/2015 TYC Kids' Playdate
12/20/2015 Holiday Party
12/19/2015 Holiday party set up
12/16/2015 Dominos Night!
12/16/2015 (club cleaning)
12/15/2015 Tai Chi
12/14/2015 Mah Jongg
12/12/2015 Private Party
12/11/2015 General Meeting
12/10/2015 (club cleaning)
12/09/2015 Dominos Night!
12/07/2015 Mah Jongg
12/05/2015 Folk Boat Association Dinner
12/05/2015 Christmas Bus
12/03/2015 (club cleaning)
12/02/2015 (board meeting)
12/01/2015 Tai Chi
11/30/2015 Mah Jongg
11/25/2015 Dominos Night!
11/24/2015 Tai Chi
11/23/2015 Mah Jongg
11/23/2015 Westerlies Deadline
11/19/2015 (club cleaning)
11/18/2015 Dominos Night!
11/17/2015 Tai Chi
11/15/2015 Safety at Sea Course
11/14/2015 Annual Dinner
11/12/2015 (board meeting)
11/11/2015 Dominos Night!
11/11/2015 (club cleaning)
11/10/2015 Tai Chi
11/09/2015 Mah Jongg
11/07/2015 Annual Race & Cruise Awards Dinner
11/05/2015 (club cleaning)
11/04/2015 Dominos Night!
11/03/2015 (PCHA meeting)
11/03/2015 (PCHA meeting)
11/03/2015 Tai Chi
11/02/2015 Mah Jongg
10/30/2015 Halloween Eve Dinner
10/29/2015 (club cleaning)
10/28/2015 Dominos Night!
10/27/2015 Tai Chi
10/26/2015 Westerlies Deadline
10/26/2015 Mah Jongg
10/25/2015 Family Halloween Costume Party
10/24/2015 Private Party (Mott)
10/24/2015 (club cleaning)
10/23/2015 Friday Night Dinner - TBD
10/22/2015 (club cleaning)
10/21/2015 Dominos Night!
10/20/2015 Tai Chi
10/19/2015 Mah Jongg
10/16/2015 Friday Night Dinner - Maine Lobster Truck & the JC Raby Band
10/14/2015 Dominos Night!
10/14/2015 (club cleaning)
10/13/2015 Tai Chi
10/12/2015 Mah Jongg
10/10/2015 Private Party Pong Tournament
10/09/2015 Life on the Water - Sausalito Film Series at TYC
10/08/2015 (club cleaning)
10/07/2015 Race Planning Meeting
10/07/2015 Dominos Night!
10/06/2015 (PCHA meeting)
10/06/2015 Tai Chi
10/05/2015 Mah Jongg
10/02/2015 Chicken Parmesan Dinner
10/02/2015 Sea Gals
10/01/2015 (club cleaning)
09/30/2015 Dominos Night!
09/29/2015 (board meeting)
09/29/2015 Tai Chi
09/28/2015 Mah Jongg
09/28/2015 Tinsley Quint Club Cruise
09/27/2015 Eclipse Gazing Party
09/25/2015 (westerlies deadline)
09/25/2015 Dinner (Comfort's famous chicken salad); Games Possible
09/24/2015 (club cleaning)
09/23/2015 Dominos Night!
09/21/2015 Mah Jongg
09/20/2015 Private Party - Memorial Service
09/19/2015 Private Party Reed Fund Raiser
09/18/2015 Friday Night Dinner - Caribbean Spices Food Truck
09/18/2015 Commodore's Picnic (Sept. 19) and Cruise
09/17/2015 (club cleaning)
09/16/2015 Dominos Night!
09/15/2015 Tai Chi
09/14/2015 Mah Jongg
09/11/2015 General Meeting
09/10/2015 (board meeting)
09/10/2015 (club cleaning)
09/09/2015 Dominos Night!
09/08/2015 Tai Chi
09/07/2015 Mah Jongg
09/04/2015 Friday Night Dinner
09/03/2015 (club cleaning)
09/02/2015 Dominos Night!
09/01/2015 (PCHA meeting)
09/01/2015 Tai Chi
08/31/2015 Mah Jongg
08/29/2015 Rockin' Country Ribfest
08/28/2015 Friday Night Dinner
08/26/2015 Dominos Night
08/25/2015 Tai Chi
08/24/2015 Mah Jongg
08/21/2015 Grilled Lamb Fingers
08/19/2015 Dominos Night
08/18/2015 Tai Chi
08/17/2015 Mah Jongg
08/15/2015 Delta Cruise
08/14/2015 Mediterranean Dinner
08/13/2015 (board meeting)
08/12/2015 Dominos Night
08/11/2015 Tai Chi
08/10/2015 Mah Jongg
08/10/2015 TYC Kids' Playdate
08/07/2015 Friday Night Dinner
08/03/2015 Mah Jongg
07/31/2015 Friday Night Dinner
07/27/2015 Mah Jongg
07/20/2015 Mah Jongg
07/17/2015 Dinner - Sloppy Joes
07/17/2015 Encinal YC Cruise
07/13/2015 Mah Jongg
07/10/2015 Cheeseburgers in Paradise
07/09/2015 Bartender Training
07/06/2015 Board Meeting
07/06/2015 Mah Jongg
07/03/2015 Friday Night Race Dinner
06/28/2015 Casual Day Cruise
06/26/2015 Friday Night Race Dinner
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